Advent Calendars 2022

As we are now into November, you might be starting to think about advent calendars. With less than a month to go before the first advent calendar door is opened, it’s time to consider what’s available this year.

My children never believe me when I tell them that until I was a teenager my advent calendars were just a little cardboard door with a picture behind them. You just opened one each day to see a Christmassy image, that was it, anyone else remember those? By the time I was a teenager, chocolate advent calendars were more of a thing, so I had one of those.

These days there are a huge number of different calendars available. Anything from your favourite chocolates, teas, beers, gins, LEGO, bath bombs etc. Prices vary wildly from £1 for a fairly simple chocolate advent calendar to a ridiculous £350 for the Jo Malone Advent Calendar! Clearly that’s out of most people’s budgets and rather excessive for an advent calendar, but there are tons of others at a huge range of different price points, some of which I’ve included below.

Places like Home Bargains and B & M can be great for advent calendars, as can some of the supermarkets. I picked up a really fun Reece’s Advent Calendar for one of my children last year from Home Bargains. It had a winder on that you turned to drop the chocolate down each day.

What’s your favourite type of advent calendar? I love the Pukka Tea Advent Calendar.

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  1. Yes, I remember the simple picture card advent calendars.

    The current advent calendars seem to have everything but the kitchen sink in them and are really an additional gift along with Christmas Eve boxes. Altogether, they can make Christmas very expensive so I like the fun, low-cost calendars for younger children.

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