Are colourful kitchens becoming trendy again in 2020?

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A few months into 2020, we’ve already seen which kitchen trends are popular this year. Wood finishes, gold accents, and marble are only a few that London kitchen designers are playing with. Bold use of colour also seems to be on point for 2020, which leads us to ask – are colourful kitchens becoming trendy again in 2020? The answer, ultimately, is yes! So if you have a penchant for bright colours then this is the year to use them. There are, however, some trends for the non-colour-lovers among us that are just as stylish.

Daring Colour Choices

More London kitchens in 2020 will see daring colour choices. This could be one, bright accent piece for a pop of colour, or it could be combining more than one bold colour in the same kitchen. Dark reds, navy blues, and bright yellows may exist all in the same kitchen. The key to not letting this colour trend go overboard is to stick to classic kitchen finishes. Oak wood, black laminate, or neutral glass cabinet finishes will help balance out the bold colours.

Colourful Cabinets

One feature of the kitchen that’s having a colourful moment are the cabinets. As the pop of colour trend catches on for 2020, homeowners will have several options as to where to incorporate colourful pieces. Cabinets are a great place to introduce colour into your kitchen and can have a dazzling effect. But for those with a more conservative style, muted cabinet colours and finishes are popular this year as well.

  • Walnut – The rich tones of walnut add instant refinement to any kitchen. Wood for cabinets is trending for 2020, but the fine grain and natural finish of walnut make it particularly popular amongst designers.
  • Mixed Styles – Complementing upper, wooden cabinets with lower, painted cabinets is popping up in more homes this year as well. Mixing and matching styles for upper and lower cabinets isn’t new, but incorporating wood finishes instead is becoming popular.
  • Black – For those wanting to avoid the new colourful kitchen trends this year there’s good news – black is in as well. Long seen as only a colour for accent pieces, more designers and homeowners are using black to anchor their design. Black walls, black cabinets, or black flooring don’t overwhelm the space like you’d think, and instead add some rustic charm.
  • Natural Tones – Many designers are turning to colours grounded in nature for their cabinets. Warm, earthy tones, as well as deep blues and greens, make a kitchen feel both contemporary and comforting.

Gold Accents

Another kitchen colour trend to look out for in 2020 are gold accents – particularly, taps, sinks, and wet areas. With wider availability of finishes for these features, designers are experimenting with the luxe aesthetic gold creates. Rather than let sinks stay purely functional, more homeowners are opting for a stylish solution to make a statement.

Marble and Stone

While not technically a colour trend, marble and stone finishes should still be mentioned for their increasing popularity in London kitchens. Strongly-veined, white marble is making a statement on countertops and as splashbacks – and pairing nicely with those gold accents. For those who want less luxe and more nature, stone finishes like slate are a popular choice. If there are two major styles that are defining kitchens in 2020, they are sleek elegance and a return to nature.

Coloured Kitchen Appliances

A final kitchen colour trend to look out for in 2020 is the introduction of coloured kitchen appliances. As the popular choice for modern and traditional kitchens alike, pure stainless steel is being dethroned in favour of painted appliances. And not just countertop appliances like those bright red coffee makers or turquoise tea kettles. Ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers in champagne, dark brown, or grey are coming on the market. These muted, earthy shades make kitchens feel warm and inviting, while still complimenting contemporary styles.

Final Thoughts on Colourful Kitchens in 2020

London designers and homeowners are definitely using bright, bold colours in their kitchens in 2020. How these colour palettes are incorporated varies, though. Adding a pop of colour to brighten the room, pairing daring colours together, or playing with sombre, black kitchens are all ways they’re utilising colour this year. Colour isn’t limited to cabinets and walls, either. Sinks and taps, worktops, and appliances are all having colourful moments in 2020 as well. As bespoke kitchen designers in North London, we at Multiliving stay up to date on the latest trends in kitchen design. And we’re thrilled about this year’s colourful kitchen styles.

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