Attending a winter wedding? Here are a few guest outfit ideas

Jack Frost has come out this week. I do love the frosty mornings. Not a fan of driving on icy roads of course, but I do love a frosty walk.

With that chill in the air, it does mean we need to re-think our outfits a bit. I did feel a little under prepared this morning on the school run, I most certainly need to dig out my gloves.

It’s one thing planning some warm outfits for a regular day – the big coats and jumpers can come out, you can wear those fluffy boots that have been at the back of your cupboard all year, and you can wrap yourself up in lovely hats, gloves and scarfs, even pop on a pair of ear muffs! What happens though, when you have a fancy do to attend? What about if you are a guest at a winter wedding? What if you need a stand-out accessory that will go with any winter outfit, such as a permanent bracelet

If you have been invited to a winter wedding and are struggling for outfit inspiration, I have a few suggestions below for you to take a look at.

Wear Boots

Photo by jasmin chew from Pexels

Boots have magical powers. It’s true, just wearing a pair of long boots can make you feel warmer as you are less exposed to the elements. Often people feel the cold more on their top half than their bottom half, for others it is the other way around. I feel the cold much more on my legs than my arms, so I love wearing boots. If that’s you, why not find a nice pair of winter boots and team them with one of those stunning wedding guest dresses you’ve seen? If you are warm and not thinking about the cold you will enjoy yourself more, so plan your outfit sensibly.

Go for sparkles

It’s Christmas time (well, almost) – who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle. A winter wedding is the perfect time to get your sparkle on, whether it is sequins, or something glittery or shiny, a winter wedding it the perfect opportunity to sparkle.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

I love a sequin dress because they always hang so well, due to the weight of the sequins. I know some people feel as if they are being weighed down, but I love an outfit with a bit of weight in it. Check out some of the incredible sequin dresses online this time of year, you really will be spoilt for choice.

Choose Festive Colours

Wondering what colour to wear to a winter wedding? Why not go festive? Just think about how amazing the wedding photos will look with a sea of festive outfits . You could go red, or dark green perhaps? Silver? Even gold? What would your choice of seasonal colour be? Even a deep, dark blue can be festive, as can white, but perhaps keep away from that if the bride is wearing white.

Photo by jasmin chew from Pexels

Go For Long Sleeves

Unless you have some form of in-built central heating system, or you are actually jetting off to a warmer location for this wedding you are a guest at, you most likely won’t want to wear that backless, strappy number your wore to that work colleagues summer wedding will you?

One option is to go for something with sleeves. A long sleeved dress perhaps? Or something with a jacket maybe? It just means you will be a bit happier to pop outside for a quick photo in the snow or frost when you are needed.

There are tons of long-sleeved dresses around this time of year, so you should have plenty of choice, even if you decide you want a short dress, but want to cover up your arms, so you don’t look like you are off to a beach party.

Whatever you decide to go with, have fun with it. A winter wedding is a chance to do things a bit differently!

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