Engineered Vs Natural Wood Flooring

Floors are the very thing that tie the room together. There are so many materials of flooring to choose from but wooden floors stay the all-time favourite for a lot of people.

Wooden floors are classic and timeless and there is something about them that makes these floors very likable. There are many varieties of wooden floors as well, which are stronger and more durable than conventional wood. To find out more, read on.

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Natural Wood Flooring

Solid wood floors, like the name suggests, are floors which are completely made out of wood. The wood can be either maple wood, oak wood or timber. These floors are very popular among people and are preferred over any other type of floors. The reason for this is because of their simplistic look and timeless elegance. It is considered as a rustic but luxurious material for floors. 

1. Long Lasting

There are many benefits to wooden floors, the first one being that it lasts for lifetime, if maintained properly. It can be sanded down over and over again and can be refinished, while maintaining its pristine look and elegance.

2. Cost

Although these floors are easy to clean, they are very expensive and hard to maintain. You need to get them polished or refinished every couple of months to make them last longer.

3. Water Resistance

Wood is not resistant against moisture and water and these elements can damage the wood a lot. These floors are also very expensive and this is the only reason why people back away from these floors when it comes to purchasing them. 

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Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wooden floors are relatively new to the market but they are quickly taking the place of natural wood floors. Engineered wood floors are made out of reinforced plywood bottoms and on top of them, is a thick layer of real hardwood which is engineered to last longer and be stronger than conventional wood.

1. Water Resistance

These floors are resistant against water, moisture and scratches, unlike real hardwood. These floors are look-alike of real hardwood floors, but much stronger and durable than the former. 

2. Less Maintenance

Engineered wood flooring doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and daily cleaning is enough for them to look brand new. You don’t need to extensively polish or refinish engineered hardwood floors, because they already come sealed and refinished with heavy duty sealants and polishes, which do not easily come off with regular cleaning.

3. Cost

The only drawback to engineered hardwood floors is that they are very expensive. They are more expensive than conventional hardwood flooring because of their strength and other durability properties – but it is considered as a very smart investment which will last you a lifetime, if you take proper care of them. 

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