Getting organised for the new school term

January can often be the time of year when people have a big surge in getting organised, starting something new, or even having a massive de-clutter. It’s easy to see why, it’s the start of a new year and many people make new years’ resolutions to themselves.

Once you are a parent, September becomes like a second ‘new year’, as it’s the start of the new academic term.

I always feel an urge to get super organised at the start of September. There is always tons to do, including labelling an enormous amount of school uniform of course!

There are endless things to buy for each child for school and then often new memberships to renew for various clubs. I always find it helps to write it down.

to do lists

It can be hard not to feel overwhelmed as the summer holidays come to an end and we hurtle towards the start of a new term. Some people like to have everything stored on their laptop or smartphone – I’m more of a write it all down, make a list sort of person. How about you?

I love note pads and I get through tons of them every year, with various lists and plans.

I love these note pads from norma & dorothy, they come beautifully wrapped and packaged and the note pads themselves are gorgeous. All the best plans are made in a fancy notepad right?

getting organised with personalised notebooks

You can even have these notepads personalised, which makes them a great idea for a gift. Maybe you have a friend who is getting married, or having a baby, or perhaps you know someone who is starting their own business and would benefit from getting organised? These notepads would be ideal for any of those things, as well of course the general day-to-day to-do lists we all have.

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