Getting to grips with handwriting: how parents can help

Handwriting can be an effortless way to get the kids to fine tune their motor skills. It’s an activity that can happen on a beach, the bathroom or garden to improve had to eye coordination. The index finger is the first tool the children will use and you can start by making an O in the sand pit, the steamed-up bathroom mirror or a pile of autumn leaves and get them to copy you.

In the image below National Pen outline how 60% of teachers have said that they would be able to teach handwriting more effectively in school if they had more support from parents at home. One of the commonest problems toddlers experience is pencil grasp, a simple remedy is to use a fatter pencil and get them to slow down. Handwriting is good for your cognitive skills so it’s worth the journey to get the children writing.

Ours have all started by writing letters in the shower when the shower door is all steamed up, they also love writing with a stick in the mud and sand. All these things can help.

improve handwriting

Do your little ones struggle to grasp their pencil? How do you support them at home? We’d love to hear about the strategies your use. Let us know in a comment below.

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