How Britain’s Kids Are Getting Reacquainted with Cheese

Britain is eating more cheese products. According to some estimates, more than 62% of shoppers are adding more cheese snacks to their shopping basket compared with a few years ago. That’s a dramatic increase, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

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After all, Britain is also facing a health crisis in the making with a younger generation at greater risk of obesity and associated health risks than previous generations were considered to be.

There are concerns over early onset diabetes and other health risks stemming from poor dietary decisions.

We all want to ensure our children have something healthy and nutritious to eat every day. Healthy lifestyle habits begin early, and that means making sure your children eat the right way from the outset. It’s our responsibility to educate them about food choices.

Cheese is a great supplement for a child’s diet, and that’s especially true when the cheese in question comes from one of Britain’s leading cheese makers.

Reintroducing Britain’s Kids to Cheese

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The popularity of cheese among consumers overall is on the rise throughout Britain, with a 62% increase in total sales in recent years. However, that comes with a major and concerning caveat for parents – only 7% of children’s lunchboxes tend to include a cheese snack. That means that while British citizens are enjoying cheese as much as ever, Britain’s kids are missing out.

That can lead to negative health effects down the road. We’ve all seen the child obesity crisis take hold in the States, and have watched it begin to seep into Britain and Europe as well. We want our children to eat healthily, and that means making sure they have access to healthy snacks such as cheese products.

A Receptive Audience

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There is all the more reason to do so given the fact that children tend to love cheese when it’s included in their diet. Having said that, our family either seem to have a love or hate relationship with cheese. My mum hated cheese and never ate any dairy products, whereas my dad loved cheese. Out of our four children we have two cheese lovers and two who very rarely eat cheese. For younger children, it can depend on the texture and also the way in which it’s presented.

Consider Kerry Foods’ Cheeshapes. As the name would imply, these products feature little cheese cuts of cheese fashioned into fun shapes. At, customers can browse different types of fun child-oriented cheese snacks.

Convenience on the Go

After all, cheese can be a staple of a healthy diet, not to mention an incredibly convenient one to pack. Consider how much easier it is to send your child to school with a well-wrapped stick of string cheese than most other dairy products. Milk is far too hard to pack, and far too easy to spoil. By contrast, Strings & Things offer as much milk in a single stick of cheese as a whole glass of milk – and are far more convenient for you to pack and your child to consume.

More than 27,000 households across Britain have purchased Kerry Foods’ flagship cheese products over the past year. Britons are getting reacquainted with cheese, and that means better cheese-based snack time options for children.

Do your children eat cheese?

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  1. My children love cheese and will eat cheddar, red leicester,cheese spread, cheese slices,cheese strings and cheese dippers. They have cheese almoxt everyday and never seem to get bored if it.

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