How to Create a Luxury Interior Design on a Budget

Looking at the luxurious homes of wealthy characters in movie and TV shows as compared to regular homes, it is easy to come to the notion that such splendid-looking homes are accessible only to the well-off and fashion-focused.

However, this is far from the truth, and no six-figure salary is necessary to make the interior of your house look classy and luxurious. Adding certain touches, like getting a home spa or redecorating, can transform your house into a vision of beauty, and we would like to share several other effective tips with you.


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One of the reasons why homes with ordinary furniture and accessories often look as great as they do in magazines and catalogues is due to lighting. One of the greatest improvements you can make to your house without buying expensive new furniture and accessories is to simply add more light to your rooms. The more light you allow into your home, the cleaner and crisper everything inside will look.

Clear away the clutter

While it may seem tempting to fill your house with as many stylish tables, ornaments, accessories, and furniture pieces as possible in the hope of making it look more lavish, adding too many things to a room can instead make it look cramped and uncomfortable.

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Clearing away redundant or unimportant items will leave more space for the other elements in the room to breathe, and this extra space will add more purpose to the remaining items in the room.

Curtain revamp

If you are using plastic or metal blinds on the windows of your house, or some curtains that are bland and hardly noticeable, you should consider investing in a nice set of curtains or blinds in Essex.

Although curtains crafted from fine materials such as silk are hardly cheap, they tend to be a more affordable improvement than buying most furniture and appliances. Vibrant curtains of fine material will instantly draw attention to your windows, and quite literally show them in a better light. You may also try pencil pleat curtains from homescapes as well.

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Don’t forget about greenery

Unless you want your home to look like a museum or imitate a doll-house, you will want some elements that give it life and contrast with the multitude of immobile and inanimate elements.

Plants are a great solution to this issue. The change in visuals and perception that a large potted plant in a room makes is usually subtle, but usually just enough to make it clear that this is a place where life flourishes, human and otherwise.

Purchase of some standard home plants should not strongly impact a standard home improvement budget.

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Upgrading the little things

Navigating your way through a home that you are visiting for the first time, you are bound to notice the big things, like the room colours and designs, furniture, unique accessories and fixtures, but there are also many small things that will influence your perception of the house.

We are talking about things like lamps, door handles, faucets, mirrors. Replacing things of this nature that are old or unremarkable with more intricate, shinier, better-crafted variants can improve the big picture without draining your home improvement fund.


  1. Great ideas, thank you! Smaller improvements can really add up to create a significantly more appealing space.

  2. Great advice. We’ve replaced the nasty, cheap-looking door handles in our house with nice shiny brass ones. They only cost £15 each, and they look so much nicer.

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