How to put your child at ease about their first visit to the dentist

It’s often the case that one of the first fears that our children experience is that of the dentist. Maybe it’s the illusion of someone with surgical gloves and a mask putting various instruments in our mouths that puts the fear in us, but the realities of modern day dentists are reasonably timid affairs.

When it comes to preparing our children for their first visit to the Dentist in Los Angeles, there’s a number of different strategies to take to ensure they accept and understand what’s going to happen while they’re there. If you are in London look at Dentist in London as a starter. Take a read below to find out more about some adjustments strategies for your child’s first trip to the tooth doctor.

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Reassure them

Reassurance is probably the best way to iron out your child’s fear of the dentist. Let them know where they’re going and explain to them what the purpose of their visit is. Nine times out of ten, your child’s first visit to the dentist will only result in a short inspection of their mouth and a count of the teeth to ease them in.

Let them know about your own positive experiences at the dentist, provide information about how long it takes and what they have to do when they’re in the hot seat. Also inform them that there may be a chance they’ll get a sticker at the end of it. If you improve the child’s familiarity with something, then they will gradually get more comfortable and confident dealing with the sometimes scary task of visiting the dentist.

Explain what will happen

There’s nothing worse when you’re a child than being thrown in at the deep end in a situation that you’re unfamiliar with. This is something mirrored in many of our first visits to the dentist, when we attempt to broach the unfamiliarity of leaning back in a chair while someone sticks tiny mirrors and tools in our mouths.

A great way to reduce your child’s anxiety for their first trip to the dentist is by offering them a step-by-step approach of what will happen and when. Explain the reasons behind the actions the dentist takes, why are they putting mirrors in their mouth? What’s the big light for? And what exactly is the purpose of a dentist. Familiarising and creating healthy associations with something is the best way to quash irrational fears.

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Explain the benefits

While heading to the dentists can still sometimes be a scary feat for even the most mature of adults, the benefits certainly do outweigh the results of not going for your 6 month check-up. Once you’ve convinced your child of the benefits of going to the dentist and ran them through the plan of action then you’re orchestrating a healthy pattern of behaviour to help them deal with future fears and pressures. While heading to the dentist has many benefits related to our teeth and oral hygiene, it should never be something that we’re fearful of.

There are a wide range of dentists all over the UK who are experienced in looking after even the most fearful of children. Ensure your teeth are well looked after with a trip to the dentist, now!

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