Involving the children in washing the car

Our children love to get involved in cleaning. Our five year old especially takes real pride in what he cleans.

Don’t get be wrong, none of them are fans of tidying the playroom, funnily enough, but there are specific jobs they love to get involved in. One of those is washing the car.

Whatever the weather I always give them buckets of warm water to wash the car with. Little hands can get cold very quickly, even in warm-ish UK weather, so taking the chill off the water keeps everyone happy.

If you have a little one who wants to get involved but you don’t want them getting soaked, just pop them in a waterproof suit and they can still get involved.

If you’re little one doesn’t like getting messy hands, you can try rubber gloves, even if they are too big, it might just be enough to keep them happy.

I know some people don’t like the idea of the children touching their cars, but I prefer to try and teach them what you can and can’t do. They know what things are likely to scratch the cars for example and the don’t use the same cleaning tools on the wheels as they do on the body of the car. We don’t want any of those tiny stones scratching the paint after all!

The best things I’ve found for the children to clean the body of the car with are microfibre cleaning cloths. These are great as you can just wash and re-use them, they don’t scratch the car and even without any products on them, they give the car a good shine.

If you have a jet wash at home, you could let the children have a go with that – prepare to get wet though. That sort of thing normally results in more water fight, less car cleaning.

If your children have eczema or another sensitive skin condition, be careful what products you use to wash the car with.

Do you get your children involved in washing the car?

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