Is A Portable Air Con Worth the Money?

Many people are hesitant to install an air conditioning unit in their homes, given the perceived high costs, not only in terms of purchasing, but also the associated running costs. Portable air conditioning might be just what you have been looking for as a great, workable solution, as it allows you to cool individual areas of your home, rather than having to fire up an entire system at a time when you will only be occupying one room.

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How do they work?

When portable air cons are used as intended and according to instructions, it has been found that they deliver a really solid, reliable, and energy-efficient performance. You will be able to select the right model for your needs, based on whether you want to cool a small or a large space, or anything in between.

The operation of the unit will generate hot air that will need to be vented to the outside, and you will have to consider the fact that all air conditioners generate condensation, which you will have to dispose of.

Used properly, a portable AC unit can keep up with a permanent unit’s performance levels.

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Are there any drawbacks?

While permanent air con installations generally have the noisy components installed outside the window, the portable unit means that all parts are integrated, making it noisier than its permanent counterparts.

You will also have to pay attention to where you place the unit, as you will need it to be positioned near an air vent or a window in order to vent out the hot air. Also bear in mind that you will need a power source nearby. 

The dehumidifying process that forms part of the “Conditioning” process that happens to the air in the room, will always generate excess water due to condensation. It is not possible to bypass this step, and every model that you could possibly pick, will have excess water as a side effect. Look for something with an easily removable drip tray. The larger the tray the better, as it will require emptying less often if it can hold more water.

Sounds good! Where do I start once I have bought one?

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Setting up your portable air conditioner is simple and quite logical. Here is a summary of steps you can follow but do make sure that you read the instruction manual for your particular model!

Firstly, you will attach any adapters that will help you connect the hose to the unit, and then you will insert the hose/s.

Secondly, you will attach the vent hose to the unit. If your portable air con has casters or wheels that can be attached for moving it around easily, make sure you attach these before attaching any hoses.

Once all components are snugly fitted, and all pipes have been vented correctly, you can simply plug in your unit and enjoy fresh, cool air wherever you need it in your home! Remember that you can move your portable unit to anywhere you need it.

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