Is your job damaging your health?

Many of us have days when we don’t want to go to work. It’s normal to dread the alarm going off and to wish you could stay in bed all day from time to time. What’s not normal is to have a job that damages your mental or physical health. You’re probably never going to find a job that makes you ecstatic every single day, but that doesn’t mean that you have to endure illness as a result of your day job. If your job is putting your health at risk, it’s time to make some changes.

health at work

Common work-related health problems

Work-related health problems cost the UK more than 27 million working days each year. The most common examples include back pain, stress, repetitive strain injuries, and injuries caused by slips, trips, and falls. If you have been injured at work, or you’re finding it hard to cope with stress or depression, don’t try and soldier on without any help. Seek medical advice.


What you can do

If you’re finding work tough or you’re worried about your health and safety, your first port of call should be your manager. If you’re under pressure, and your workload is too heavy, they may be able to share out some of the tasks and help you get on top of things at work. It may also be advisable for you to take a break if you’re struggling with stress. Unless of course your manager is the problem, then you will need to go a step higher.

If you have concerns about your working environment, speaking to your employer may also prompt them to take action to improve health and safety. Perhaps the chair you’ve been provided with isn’t offering enough support for your back, or you feel you would benefit from more modern safety equipment. It is your employer’s duty to ensure that you are able to work in a safe environment. If you have an accident at work, and you sustain injuries, which are a direct result of unsafe working conditions, you have every right to find out more about personal injury claims. If your boss is responsive to your worries, you may choose not to take any further action. However, if they’re reluctant to admit liability for an accident or they’re not forthcoming with helping you manage work-related illnesses, you may wish to take further action.

If you’ve had an accident and you want to make a claim, it’s always beneficial to have experienced lawyers in your corner. If you haven’t been injured, but you’re worried that your workplace is unsafe, you may find it useful to get in touch with health and safety experts like those at the Health and Safety Executive. All employers have a duty of care to protect their workforce from illness and injuries.

You may also consider changing job if you’re worried about your health and well-being. Nobody should have to wake up every morning dreading what the day ahead holds for them, I know what that is like – not much fun.

You may not love every day at work, but you should never have to work in an environment, which puts your health at risk.


  1. Interesting read, I’m currently off long term sick and feel like my hours of work are damaging my health but it’s affording to live otherwise ?

  2. I like my job and have no issues with it, however sitting in front of the PC is damaging my body. Particularly my back. I have had lower back problems since I started this problem. This is my own fault though. Once I do exercise I am okay.


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