Multi-purpose wooden toys from Luna & Cash

I love wooden toys. My dad used to call wooden toys ‘proper toys’. I never really understood that until I became a parent myself.

All the wooden toys my children have ever had, have lasted so well and stood up to enthusiastic play, house moves and a few tantrums. Not. One. Casualty.

Many plastic toys by contrast have broken, chipped or cracked which is so disappointing and feels like such a waste of money.

Who are Luna & Cash

Luna & Cash is a shop offering an unrivalled range of ethical, zero-waste, eco friendly and vegan products. The shop was founded by Lincoln & Helena Miles and inspired by their children, Luna & Cash. They aim to offer you everything you need whether you are at the start of your ethical journey or a seasoned pro!

Whilst wooden toys are a large part of their range, they have a massive range of ethical kids products. From clothing made with organic cotton and eco friendly dies, to sustainable wooden toys, through to ethically sourced nursery decorations. They even have a household section which contains a vast range of kitchen products, bamboo and stainless steel tableware, cutlery and storage pots as well as the full range of Klean Kanteen products. To top it off, their beauty section has some brilliant vegan makeup brands from across the world as well as vegan perfumes and zero waste shower products. 

It’s one of those sites where you look and just instantly love EVERYTHING. I can’t stop looking at their beautiful rainbow arches.

What we tested

The children have been having endless hours of fun on the CreaTimber Wooden Balance Board. These come in a ton of colours, so you can co-ordinate with your home or playroom colours, or choose you child’s favourite colour.

These large activity toys would make a brilliant addition to any playroom, because they can be used in a number of ways. For example, as a rocker, slide, footstool, bridge, tunnel, work surface or anything that the imagination desires! They offer a brilliant opportunity to engage in creative and sensory play meaning that children can develop fine motor skills, balance, co-ordination and spatial and body awareness. 

There have been challenges going on here over who can balance the longest, but in all honesty, I can’t wait until everyone is back at school and I can use it as a footstool under my desk!

These ‘wobble boards’ as my children call them, are handmade in Hungary. Each board holds up to 225kg. CreaTimber are a Hungarian brand creating handmade beautiful balance boards that are not only for the imagination but also a new moving experience. The CreaTimber boards develop a sense of balance, body awareness and stimulate the vestibular system.

First and foremost my children love to balance and wobble on this board. Their second favourite use is as an indoor slide. They’ve also just been relaxing by lying on the board when they watch TV, and finally, using it as a desk when drawing or writing. They love the fact that they can pull it in close and stretch their legs out underneath it.

These boards are so well made, they really are beautiful quality! These are great for encouraging play through movement and helping children to be innovative with the way they use their toys. Why not challenge your child to come up with 10 ways to use one of these boards for example?

If you like the look of these, or are looking for wooden toys in general, or just a really lovely ethical shop to buy gifts from, do pop over to Luna & Cash and take a look!

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