Playing and learning with magnets

I remember as a child playing with these magnets my dad brought home from work. I must have spent hours randomly sticking them to things I found around the house, figuring out what was magnetic and what wasn’t.

Magnet play these days is a bit more high tech! The little boys have recently been trying out the Geomag Supercolor kit. Their favourite thing about is was the cool shapes they could make, my favourite thing about the kit is that it is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Playing with magnets allows children’s creativity and imagination to take over. This fun Geomag toy has had everyone hooked. It never stays in the box for long. No sooner have I packed up all the bits and it’s out again. It’s particularly good for children who like intricate construction and it can prove to be a great tool for spirited children who are constantly on the go.

Thanks to the simple Geomag elements and the magic of magnetism, you can build endless 3D constructions with creativity and imagination. The elongated magnetic rods, steel balls and the various panel shapes make up the building system, which stimulates play and learning.

Magnet play can help children develop their coordination skills, increase their fine motor skills, and learn a variety of problem-solving skills. To be honest, anyone looking to improve dexterity and fine motor skills would benefit from a kit like this.

The Geomag 337 Supercolor Panels 35 Piece set costs £26 from – there are tons of other Geomag sets available as well. They are suitable for children 4 years old and upwards.

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