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Once you become a parent the expenses seem never ending. Whether it is the buying of essentials, school supplies, new shoes and wellies for those feet that seem to be constantly growing, Christmas and birthday gifts for your own children, or indeed gifts for their friends when there is a party – there is always something that needs buying or saving up for.

Making savings

Given the expensive business of being a parent, it’s always good to discover new places to make savings. I’ve recently discovered PoundToy, a super website dedicated to providing customers with huge savings on high quality branded character toys and games for children of all ages.

Founded in 2016, PoundToy™‎ is a family operated business, located in West Yorkshire. Their mission is to deliver safe, affordable and quality cheap toys which are responsibly sourced from the UK and complement childhood through fun, learning and exploration.

If you can make a few savings here and there, it can make quite a difference over time. Whilst EVERYTHING on the website isn’t £1 – the prices are massively slashed from what you’d be paying elsewhere. Why would you want to pay more for the same branded items? Makes no sense to me!

Easy peesy ordering

One of the things I value as a parent is a quick, hassle free ordering system. I’ve spoken a lot in the past about how useful I’ve found things like the Amazon app and various other systems like that for ordering various things.

The PoundToy website is quick and easy to use and my delivery arrived very quickly. They actually offer free tracked delivery on all UK orders over £25 – so in terms of ordering and delivery I think that is pretty impressive.

Party supplies

This is the ideal website if you are looking for things like party bag fillers – I mean decent ones! Why not think outside the box even and move away from the traditional idea of a party bag – you could just give everyone a glow wand and a wedge of cake? Or bubbles and cake?

They have both of these on the PoundToy website, and the bubbles are so much better than those rubbish little ones you can get for party bags that no one can ever open.

If your little ones like bubbles they have bubble machines and extra bubble solution, which I ordered, as I find you get through the solution in no time – or, of course, someone will spill it and the bubbles are over before they’ve started!


Every time we travel somewhere I purchase a couple of new things to whip out during high-stress moments of the journey. You know those moments when as a grown up you really need to focus, and your little ones choose those EXACT moments to play up?

The website has lots of small things like the little blind bags that are ideal for these exact scenarios. They also have things like the scratch magic sets which can be great for travelling, and things like dive rings which are great fun in the pool on holiday!

Overall thoughts

I’m so impressed with this website! I won’t hesitate to use them again. The price and quality of the products is superb. The package arrived quickly and was parcelled up really well.

You can search by age to make it easier and they have sale and clearance sections for even greater savings.

I will certainly be revisiting PoundToy when it comes the time to help Santa and the elves with the children’s stockings!

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