Sheer Survival: 8 Tips on How to Drive Safely During Rush Hour

Do you feel uncomfortable driving during rush hour? It is a familiar feeling for many drivers when the road gets clogged. Even if you’re sure of your own driving skills, everyone else on the road is a potential hazard. When an accident happens, it is a good idea to have skilled car accident lawyers at your service.

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1. Learn How to Drive

Defensive driving is not required to get a license, but should be considered mandatory. Sometimes you can avoid an accident by thinking one step ahead. With all of the cars on the road during rush hour, your quick thinking can save several lives.

2. Use Your Windows and Mirrors

When you know what’s around you, it creates a reactive barrier while driving. Adjustments can be made before you reach the point of no return. Keep your mirrors adjusted and clean before heading out for a drive.

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3. Use Care When Driving in The Rain

Rain accidents happen year-round, even outside of rush hour. Knowing how to drive in the rain is another one of those driving courses that should be grouped with defensive driving. Once your car gets out of control in the rain, it runs the risk of bouncing off of numerous rush hour drivers.

4. Pay Attention to Taller Vehicles

You can’t always see over the vehicle in front of you. Use your mirrors, and pay close attention to the driving manoeuvres of the bigger car. Taller vehicles have a clearer view of the road, and may alert you to trouble up ahead.

5. Don’t Slow Down for Wrecks

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Sometimes crashes happen during rush hour when drivers slow down to gawk at another wreck. It messes up the flow of traffic, and can cause an even bigger jam with the rest of the cars. One accident on the road slows down everyone in a vehicle. Multiple accidents on the same road completely shuts down driving lanes.

6. Eat at Home

Bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour leads to some really unhealthy habits. Applying makeup and checking messages are a common thing when this happens. Eating and driving can be as deadly as both of those combined. Accidents happen when you’re wrestling with a fast food bag while driving in rush hour traffic. It’s not a guaranteed accident, but it’s definitely not something a driver should take a chance on.

7. Use Modern Features

Smartphones, GPS systems and cars are all capable of hands-free operation. You can change radio stations, make calls and even get directions with simple voice commands. All of these features make it possible for drivers to keep their eyes on the road during rush hour traffic.

8. Maintenance

A motorway emergency raises the chances that you’ll get into an accident. This is especially true when there is no place for you to pull over on the side of the road. Keep your car maintenance in check, as the summer months can wear on the durability of a vehicle.

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It is your responsibility to use all of the life saving tips available to avoid an accident. Rush hour will have you crammed on the road with a lot of people, and some of them are impatient. When a driver does their part, it creates less accidents on the road.

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