TV beds – are they worth it?

TV beds

I remember the first time I got a TV in my bedroom, I was 16 and it was a birthday present from my parents. I was so excited, it was one of those small, black, square colour televisions. Back in the days when everyone had just got excited about having a fifth channel. Now I […]

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Suitable signage for your home

signage for your home

Whether your home has a name or a number it needs to be visible. There is nothing more frustrating when you are looking for an address and you can’t see a name or number anywhere. We’ve never had a huge issue with people finding our home, but recently two deliveries have been abandoned with the […]

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Famous Destinations in Five Seconds or Less

travel to Havana

The world is absolutely full of exciting and interesting places to go on a family holiday, but if you’re planning a major trip it can be difficult to compare which would be the most suitable for your own flock. Names of fantastic places fly around but it’s hard to visualise and compare like with like. […]

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