Booking a yacht on the French Riviera


If you are a regular of the French Riviera, you know the pleasure of a boat trip in the middle of the sea. The French Riviera offers splendid landscapes and a perfect setting to relax and enjoy a unique stay. To make it even more unforgettable, you can enjoy the luxury of a yacht trip and if you like the ease, Prestigious Yachting offers you the possibility to book your yacht directly from your smartphone!

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What are the most popular locations for digital nomads?

choosing travel insureance

For many people, few forms of employment can surpass the joy of working remotely. Digital nomads enjoy the freedom of changing locations on demand while seeing new places and making lifelong memories. In many instances, they can even set and adjust their own work schedules for travel and leisure. So what are the best places for digital nomads to rent, live, and move to in 2022? That is exactly what we are here to discuss!

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Flying from Manchester Airport: Summer 2022

Manchester airport departures

After COVID-19 disrupting the bulk of people’s travel plans since March 2020, this summer is, for many, the first summer holiday for a couple of years – but, with the news crammed full of what a nightmare Manchester airport in particular has been: flight delays; flight cancellations; hours and hours of waiting and queuing to get through check in and security – what was is it really like?

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How to Make Money While You Travel the World

As the world emerges from the grips of a global pandemic, so too do the travel dreams of a locked-down population. Holiday bookings surge from holiday-makers and backpackers like, as both short- and long-haul flights find themselves in high demand. For some, the return of global travel means an opportunity – a window to the often-shared dream of exploring the world. However, the pandemic has been an expensive time for many, and the money to sustain such a life-affirming trip may simply not be there.

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