The distracted mummies guide to hydration

We all know we should drink more water. I’m as guilty as the next person for not following this golden rule.

I know that when I don’t drink enough I get a headache, my skin is dry and dull, my digestion is poor and I feel a bit rough for want of a better word.

I wake up every morning and think “note to self…must drink more water today”. I start out with the best intentions but often it doesn’t pan out like that. I get distracted with other things and suddenly it is no longer a priority.

As busy parents, we dash around from one thing to another and suddenly a simple thing like drinking water becomes a problem.

I even considered leaving myself post it notes around the house with “drink water” written on, or setting a reminder on my phone every hour “drink more water” I kid you not.

Before I get to that stage, my last ditch effort is to fill a bottle and carry it everywhere. This becomes an essential item like keys and phone so that I always have it and can sip water throughout the day.

I love this one by bobble as it has a filter built into it and it doesn’t leak. It fits perfectly in the drinks holder in the car too.


What are your top tips for improving hydration?  Do you need to drink more water?


  1. I carry a bottle of water with me most days and try to drink from it. It’s difficult whatever you do as there’s always something you could be doing that isn’t drinking water

  2. I’m like you, I really notice when I haven’t had enough water in the day – I’m normally really good so if I haven’t had enough by lunchtime I neck a few glasses. I’ve got a large bottle that I take on the school run to make sure I start the day well hydrated. x

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