The top 30 lessons of the last 12 months

The last 12 months have been so different to what people of the world are used to. I do think however that many lessons have been learnt during this time. What have you learnt?

Researchers have polled the nation to discover the life lessons we have learned during the challenges of the last twelve months, with as many as 95 percent agreeing that recent events have taught them many valuable lessons.

The importance of family emerged as the most important, with almost half (46 percent) claiming they now truly appreciate their loved ones. The list makes for interesting reading. How many from the list below do you agree with?

For me, appreciating the simply things has been huge and the importance of nature. Looking at the list though, I’m rather concerned about the number of people who weren’t washing their hands properly pre-COVID!


  1. The importance of family – 46 percent
  2. Our NHS is the best in the world – 40 percent
  3. To not take anything for granted – 38 percent
  4. To appreciate the simple things in life – 37 percent
  5. Kindness goes a long way – 34 percent
  6. Kids are more resilient than you think – 32 percent
  7. Online shopping is a god-send – 31 percent
  8. The importance of freedom – 30 percent
  9. The importance of nature – 29 percent
  10. That it is ok to ask for help – 28 percent
  11. That we can get through anything if we stick together – 27 percent
  12. Family film nights are essential – 27 percent
  13. Friendships mean everything – 27 percent
  14. The importance of telling people you love them – 27 percent
  15. To slow down – 26 percent
  16. That patience really is a virtue – 25 percent
  17. How hard teachers and nursery staff work – 24 percent
  18. How to wash your hands properly – 23 percent
  19. That leggings are a wardrobe essential – 22 percent
  20. To not sweat the small stuff – 21 percent
  21. A cup of tea really does make things better – 21 percent
  22. Primary school maths is harder than it looks – 21 percent
  23. It is possible to watch more than one Netflix series at once – 21 percent
  24. You do not have to wear make up every day – 18 percent
  25. Cutting hair is harder than it looks – 18 percent
  26. You do not need to be in the office to be productive – 17 percent
  27. The joy of leftover lunches – 10 percent
  28. Having grey roots is no big deal – 9 percent
  29. The beauty of birdsong – 9 percent
  30. How to make perfect roast potatoes – 7 percent

How many of these would feature on your list?


  1. About 23 or 24. 100% agree, the NHS is was one of this country’s prized asset and we’re lucky to have it.

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