Learn to cook with a top chef from home

learn to cook

Currently on BBC Maestro there are lots of different options for learning to cook with a range of celebrity chefs. For example, you can learn Modern Indian cooking with Vineet Bhatia; Classic French Bistro Cooking with Pierre Koffmann; Delicious vegetarian cooking with Marco Pierre White; Delicious food cooked simply with Marco Pierre White; and Bread making with Richard Bertinet.

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5 Skills you can Add to Your CV After Becoming a Mum

power of mothers

When you have a baby, you have many complex decisions to make around work and childcare and how these things are going to work together. Family finances, how you feel, you baby’s needs, childcare availability and cost, all come into play. The lack of flexibility in the workplace and childcare settings can make this choice even harder, forcing many women to consider remaining at home with their child and/or starting their own business.

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How to Inspire the Next Generation of Graphic Designers

a career in graphic design

Finding your way in life is not an easy thing to do. As a parent, a large part of your purpose as your kids get older and more independent is to enable them to realise their potential and career opportunities. There will always be a relevance in the world of commerce and beyond for exceptional graphic designers, and if a young person has an interest in this area, it is something to be nurtured. Here’s how to inspire the next generation of graphic designers.

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