Why early childhood care and education matters

education changes

Education and care during the early years of life are crucial for a child’s successful development. Research now shows, beyond any doubt, that quality early childhood care and education (ECCE) is key to improving outcomes in terms of physical health, social abilities and academic skills later on in life. This blog post explores why investing in ECCE truly matters – not only for a child’s learning journey but also as an investment that pays dividends in the long run to society both economically and socially.

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Learn to cook with a top chef from home

learn to cook

Currently on BBC Maestro there are lots of different options for learning to cook with a range of celebrity chefs. For example, you can learn Modern Indian cooking with Vineet Bhatia; Classic French Bistro Cooking with Pierre Koffmann; Delicious vegetarian cooking with Marco Pierre White; Delicious food cooked simply with Marco Pierre White; and Bread making with Richard Bertinet.

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8 Art activities to try – for 3-5yrs

creative kids

Drawing for children is a real creative experiment. Children see the world around them and try to convey it in the picture. To make creative lessons as interesting as possible for children, use different drawing methods, experiment with techniques and improvise. At 3-5 years old, it doesn’t all have to be finger paints – use pencils, sponges, brushes, wax crayons, foam swabs and even fruits and vegetables.

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5 Creative Indoor Activities for Cold Winter Days

indoor activities

With access to any kind of gadget imaginable, it is hard for parents to find fun indoor activities that don’t involve screen time for their kids. We all know that keeping your highly energetic kids inside will result in an inevitable chaos. Which is why, we put together a list of boredom-fighting, creative indoor activities that will keep the kids occupied, without using tons of supplies.

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The importance of physical activity and outdoor play in schools: why school playground equipment matters

school playground equipment

It’s no secret that physical activity and being outside matters. It’s important to us all, we know that. We know that as a nation we need to move more, we know about the rise in childhood obesity, we know that both physical activity and being outside in nature can have profound benefits to both are mental and physical health. We know all these things.

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How to Inspire the Next Generation of Graphic Designers

a career in graphic design

Finding your way in life is not an easy thing to do. As a parent, a large part of your purpose as your kids get older and more independent is to enable them to realise their potential and career opportunities. There will always be a relevance in the world of commerce and beyond for exceptional graphic designers, and if a young person has an interest in this area, it is something to be nurtured. Here’s how to inspire the next generation of graphic designers.

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