Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Christmas Wrap

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know I said recently that I thought people in general seemed more open to hearing the word ‘Christmas’ earlier this year. Everyone is trying to plan ahead, make savings and generally spread the cost of Christmas alongside all the general rise in the cost of living. I know I’ve bought a few things already and popped them away, which is quite a bit earlier than I normally would do.

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How to find: Pop! Vinyl figures, Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!

find Pokémon cards

I’m so relieved to have found an online store called Magic Madhouse, where all these things are together. They stock Pop! Vinyl figures, Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as table top games like Dungeons & Dragons. It’s been so helpful for me to have everything in one place and not only that but clear explanations about what everything is and what you get. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff and terrified I’m going to pick the wrong cards, tins or figures – but this online store is very useful.

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*WIN* A Light Up YO-YO

you can win if you want

Do your children love playing with a yo-yo? I love the fact that these seemingly simple and traditional toys still have a place today and are still as exciting to children as they were to me when I was little. Of course, these days they come with flashing lights!

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The best educational gifts for kids

I especially love gifts for children that have an educational value to them. BrightMinds, offer the most fun and educational toys for children of all ages, and they are pioneers when it comes to development. They believe that learning can be fun and know that sometimes all it takes is the right toy and a little imagination. I love this ethos.

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National Geographic: STEM toys for curious kids

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about my little boys getting older has been their strong interest in STEM toys and activity sets. As a parent, I just feel like we are getting so much more value from things like this. I love the concept of learning through play and I love that these kits give them the chance to explore ideas and problem solve.

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