Top 30 most confusing things about pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a confusing time for mums-to-be and also their partners. It doesn’t help that there remain so many conflicting thoughts and opinions about pregnancy.

Even if you have your children close together the advice can sometimes differ between pregnancies. I also recall receiving conflicting advice during the same pregnancy from a number of practitioners.

Then there is good old Google of course – don’t get me wrong, it is truly wonderful to be able to look something up and have access to information so easily. It’s not always a good thing though is it, and it can confuse the picture somewhat.

Part of the reason we hear conflicting advice is that new research is always being done, medical practice is constantly evolving and opinions shift in response to those things – but that’s not the whole picture.

Pregnacare Vitamins commissioned some research to establish what topics women were the most confused about in relation to pregnancy. Here are the top 30 questions they had.

Top 30 questions

1. What medication is safe to take?

2. How much caffeine is OK?

3. How much weight is the right amount to gain?

4. Which vitamins do you need more of?

5. What kind of exercise is safe?

6. Which illness are okay to be in proximity to?

7. Which cheeses are safe to eat?

8. What is safe to lift?

9. How do you get enough iron?

10. What cleaning products are safe to use?

11. What is a normal amount of morning sickness, and what is concerning?

12. When you should be taking folic acid?

13. Whether you are allowed to sleep on your back

14. Whether or not fish is safe to eat

15. At what point is it okay to travel by plane?

16. Whether or not it’s possible to eat too much of something, even if it’s healthy

17. What animals are safe to be around?

18. Whether you should stop having sex at a certain point

19. Is safe to run/ jog?

20. Whether you should be eating for two or not

21. How much alcohol is safe to drink?

22. Whether vitamin D is needed

23. Whether or not it’s safe to go in a hot tub/Jacuzzi

24. Is it safe to deal with cat litter or dog poo?

25. Whether or not the baby can feel anything when their parents are having sex

26. How often should you visit the doctor?

27. Whether or not you can eat peanut butter

28. Whether certain cosmetics are safe

29. How much meat can you eat and what kinds?

30. How dangerous passive smoking really is

Do any of these match topics that you were confused about during your pregnancy? What information did you find the most difficult to navigate?


  1. Hi, I love your website! And what a beautiful picture of you in the blue dress. New mommies have got so many questions – making informed decisions are extremely important.

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