*WIN* A set of 25 amazing magic pens

Has months of home schooling and then the summer holidays meant all your children’s pens are running out? If their stationary supplies need a little revamping, read on!

You can win a Set of 25 Amazing Pens from Marvin’s Magic that can transform and erase colours. These are available to purchase from Wicked Uncle for £15.00.

Create amazing patterns with this clever set with pens that can change colour, erase colours easily and even write invisible messages. I remember having something similar as a child and they were lots of fun.

Built with durable, shock-proof tips, draw in one colour and the magic activator pen will change to another colour. Create 3D letters and make magical pictures to proudly display or use the special pen to reveal your secret messages. Washable too (perfect) – Magical Pens!

Competition Time

We have a wonderful competition to win a pack of these. Just enter the easy widget below.

Win a Pack of 25 Magic Pens


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  1. Home schooling went okay although I’m sure my daughter wouldn’t have this bad attitude with her teachers if they correct her.

  2. My sister is Autistic so home schooling at first was challenging but we found a way like every child does and she loves to draw and colour so she would be over the moon to win these

  3. My granddaughter enjoyed home school and kept both me and my daughter busy finding new worksheets and activities for her to do.

  4. Pretty well – we had our moments but my son didn’t fall behind & my daughter actually improved at reading substantially.

  5. We did find it very hard to begin with, and towards the summer holidays my daughter seemed to loose interest again.

    My daughter seemed to enjoy spending the extra time sitting down and doing the work with me, but not the actual learning part. Sometimes it seemed like a constant fight just to get her to do work which would take her 10 minutes to complete.

  6. It started off well and then my youngest soon got bored of the online activities. My daughter mainly got on with her work but prefers being back in the classroom x

  7. Home schooling was amazing…for the first 3 weeks then the juggling became too much and I decided the priority was that my 4 kids were safe and happy along with mam and dad! We did lots of things together and learnt a lot, though I’m not sure Ofsted would give me the best report!

  8. Started off well, then dropped off a cliff after the Easter holidays! Hope we don’t have to go through all that again!

  9. We had our own way of learning, and I got very involved in trying new ways to make things interesting, as that’s the only way they’ll concentrate! It went as well as it could!

  10. As with everything in life, it had its good days and bad days, overall there were more good days than bad though

  11. It went ok. There were moments of absolute terror but also some good times too….will never moan about not having enough time again

  12. I’m a step mum so during lockdown we had the two kids twice a week! We tended to play educational games as well as having music lessons. I don’t envy their mum she was home schooling four children.

  13. It started so good but went down hill after a few weeks, the teenagers didn’t like been told what needed doing

  14. I home-educated my oldest before the pandemic anyway (youngest in school) so it wasn’t such a shock for me as it was for some parents.

  15. We enjoyed it for the first few weeks and had a weekly project but once the novelty had worn off it became a chore

  16. It was a complete and utter disaster. Not much “school2 learning happened but we had a good time and they learnt things that aren’t taught in school.

  17. We really enjoyed it. Especially my youngest who is 8 – loads of fun and relaxed learning. Harder for the older two.

  18. I am granny so only had to do this once a week thankfully. I now have even greater respect for teachers.

  19. It was difficult trying to juggle working with home schooling but I loved the actual home schooling when I was able to do it.

  20. It didn’t go very well, the teacher struggeled to concentrate in class and was feeling hungover…

  21. Home schooling went well, me and my daughter both enjoyed it and I tried to keep it fun. The big thing was she missed her friends.

  22. I’m a Grandma, so very enjoyable for me! However, I did do a zoom lesson each day with each of my grandchildren to help out their parents.

  23. It was hard work, I had a job to get my little ones motivated to do any work as they see home& school very differently. Home is their space for chill & fun times. We all did our best and that’s all anyone can ask x

  24. It was really difficult especially with two children with additional needs it was a challenge but we did our best ☺️

    1. Mine were too young to concentrate but we managed to get my son reading before starting his first year at school so that was a big milestone.

  25. We didn’t do too bad, did the boring subjects for first couple of hours, then did the fun creative stuff on the afternoon!

  26. Still doing it. My son is 10, he has profound learning difficulties and clinically is extremely vulnerable to covid19 so we feel still isn’t safe for him to reintegrate with school. Fortunately his special school are totally supportive. I keep things simple and utilise our unique situation to learn life skills as well as following the curriculum laid out by his teacher. Fortunately I am trained as a teacher, (though haven’t taught for many years). so it’s not entirely alien to me!

  27. It was hard work! My 8 year old was easily distracted by her 3 year old sister who was obviously too young to sit still for long!

  28. It got a lot easier once we started to share it between the two of us, hearing it from just me lead to too many arguments!

  29. Interesting as a teacher, step mum and heavily pregnant mum to be. I’m on maternity leave now to recover

  30. My daughter is older so kind of left her to it but not sure how much she actually did. I work in a school so it’s nice to be back

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